Safe House

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Safe House
Genre: Drama
Tobin Frost (Oscar® winner Denzel Washington), one of the CIA’s most dangerous...

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Tobin Frost (Oscar® winner Denzel Washington), one of the CIA’s most dangerous traitors, resurfaces in South Africa after eluding capture for almost a decade. During his interrogation, the safe house he’s being held in is attacked by brutal mercenaries forcing rookie agent, Matt Weston (Ryan Reynolds) to take the infamous Frost on the run. As the masterful manipulator toys with his reluctant protégé, shaking the young operative’s morality and idealism, the unlikely allies must fight to stay alive long enough to uncover who wants them dead. Packed with intense action and thrilling suspense, Safe House takes you on a deadly ride through a covert world where no one and no place is ever safe.

Cast and Crew


Denzel Washington: Tobin Frost
Ryan Reynolds: Matt Weston
Vera Farmiga: Catherine Linklater
Brendan Gleeson: David Barlow
Sam Shepard: Harlan Whitford
Ruben Blades: Carlos Villar
Nora Arnezeder: Ana Moreau
Robert Patrick: Daniel Kiefer


Daniel Espinosa

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