Little Rascals Save The Day

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Little Rascals Save The Day
Parental Guidance Suggested
Genre: Comedy / Family
It’s the last day of school and the summer is not starting smoothly for a group of 3rd graders. Romantic ALFALFA gets shown up by bully WALDO while singing to his love DARLA, SPANKY, STYMIE, PORKY and BUCKWHEAT lose out on delicious ice cream cake when their last day ditch plan goes awry, bullies BUTCH and WOIM pick up where Waldo left off, and the place where all these kids gather to lick their wounds—their GRANDMA’s bakery—is in danger of closing when it turns out Grandma owes a lot of money to the bank. The Little Rascals must come up with a way to raise the money Grandma owes. Join them in this adventure where mischief takes precedence and hilarity ensues as the rascals concoct all sorts of creative fundraising ideas.

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Alex Zamm

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